Making the most of the YLD Spring Conference as a law student

I remember walking into my first ABA Conference as a 2L.  I was interested in Employment Law and the ABA Section of Labor & Employment Law’s Annual Conference just happened to be in Atlanta, right down the street.  Like the YLD Spring Conference, this conference was free for law students so I decided to take a chance and see what these conferences were all about.  I walked into my first conference event and was immediately welcomed by the attorneys in the room.  Even though I was worried that I would have little to contribute, others were interested in my opinions and happy to answer questions and introduce me to other attorneys.  This first experience showed me that ABA Members want to meet law students and are happy to help law students make connections.  As a law student attending the YLD Spring Conference, you will have fantastic opportunities to network with practicing attorneys who not only want to meet you, but also want to…

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