Maintaining Professionalism in the Legal Industry

Summary: This article reviews the importance of attorneys maintaining professionalism in all legal proceedings. The article reviews a recent Florida case resulting in disbarment of an attorney after alleged disruptive acts during trial and a post-trial hearing. It goes without saying that as professionals, attorneys are obligated to maintain professionalism at all times and to refrain from acting in a manner deemed inappropriate for the situation. While attorneys are encouraged to act as zealous advocates for their clients, they must do so in a manner that is neither disrespectful nor disruptive. While emotions can understandably run high at times, there are boundaries of professionalism that should not be crossed. Model Rule of Professional Conduct 3.5(d) prohibits an attorney from “engag[ing] in conduct intended to disrupt a tribunal.” Missouri, Kansas and many other states have adopted similar rules. See Missouri Rule of Professional Conduct 3.5(d) and Kansas…

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