Lyft Driver Attempts Deadly Rescue

In theory, no accident should cause a car to catch on fire, but this does happen. One way that a vehicle can catch fire following an accident is if the accident causes the fuel tank to be breached. Another way that an accident can cause a car to catch fire is if the fuel line separates from the engine. A third way that a car can catch fire in an accident is if the battery is affected by the crash, the battery acid can catch fire, which can, in turn, engulf the engine compartment of the vehicle. Fires can be especially dangerous if an accident has rendered drivers or passengers unable to escape the vehicle. WSB Radio reports on the heroic efforts of a Lyft driver to save a driver from a burning car. Police were called at about 1:30 a.m. on Thursday morning to a traffic accident on Panthersville Road near the Georgia State University campus. A Dodge Challenger crossed the center line and hit a Honda head-on. The Dodge subsequently spun out and ignited. A Lyft driver who witnessed…

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