Loveless – What Happens When A Divorcing Couple Can’t Escape A Conflict Trap? A Mediator’s Review

The Russian film Loveless, directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, is an intense, provocative drama that can be viewed on many levels.    It is a comment on what happens when a marriage breaks down as well as a critique of modern Russian society.  I found that there were aspects of the story that also apply to our American society.  When the film begins, Boris and Zhenya are already going through a divorce.  Their twelve-year old son, Alyosha, is often present in the battlefield that is their apartment.  Harsh words surround the family as they go about their daily activities.  Boris and Zhenya are often distracted.  They argue constantly and spend a great deal of time on their cell phones rather than show any connection with their son or each other.  They are each busy with new love interests.  Alyosha tries to cope with it all, crying intensely and off by himself. There is no attempt by these warring parents to reach a compromise…

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