Louisiana Neurologist Who Allegedly Pre-Signed Prescriptions for Controlled Substances Is Charged With Conspiracy to Unlawfully Dispense Controlled Substances and Health Care Fraud

A pain management neurologist has been charged with unlawful prescribing and health care fraud conspiracy relating to Medicare billings for the prescriptions billed to Medicare. This is an extension of government theories since as the prescribing physician, the pharmacy would have received the payments and and not the neurologist. The pharmacy has its own corresponding duties to Medicare. However, the twist here is that the government alleges that the prescriptions were pre-signed by the neurologist and that he did not see the patients. However, it is not clear if any other providers saw the patients or who else completed the prescriptions. One would assume there must be other facts relating to this pain management clinic that are not alleged in the charging documents.On April 18, 2019, a two-count bill of information was filed against neurologist Anil Prasad, M.D., charging him with conspiracy to unlawfully dispense controlled substances and conspiracy to commit health…

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