Lost in the Noise

There was recent discussion on Twitter and LinkedIn as to the ideal length of a law blog post. Lost in all of the noise was what is real law blogging for business development. A conversation. Listen first to what the people you want to engage/meet are saying/writing and what is being said/written about them. Then blog about what they are saying/writing or what is being said/written about them. They’ll engage you in return. You may find the people and organizations you’ll want to engage like this will be the influencers of a lot of people that you want to reach – reporters, bloggers, respected social media users, conference coordinators, association leaders and corporate leaders. My company has generated a lot of business from my blog (company was in fact built from my blog), but most of our customers did not find me from my blog posts nor had they ever read my blog. My company and I built trust and a reputation through blogging, or…

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