Location of a Litigant

There is generally no geographical limitation for a participant in litigation. For example, assume there is a pending probate case in Santa Clara County Superior Court. The litigant could live in San Jose, the city where the probate court in Santa Clara County is located. Or the litigant could live in Campbell, a city located in the same county as the superior court, i.e. Santa Clara County. Or the litigant could live in Santa Cruz, a city located outside of Santa Clara County but in California. Or the litigant could live in Winnemucca, a city located outside of California but in the United States. It is in Nevada in case you are wondering. Or the litigant could live in Salzburg, a city located in Austria.All of these locations do not preclude a litigant from participating in a case.Moreover, a person confined to a fixed location for a set amount of time can still participate in a case. For instance, being an inmate at a California penitentiary is not an insurmountable…

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