"Little Pink House" Author: Time To Give The Land Taken By Eminent Domain Back To Kelo And Other Former Owners

Jeff Benedict, author of "Little Pink House," the book about the Kelo v. New London eminent domain debacle (and now a movie) has made a video (at the still-vacant Fort Trumbull site), and written an op-ed, arguing that the land should be conveyed back to its former owners, including Ms. Kelo: Here’s the rub. Thirteen years after the Kelo decision, after all the condemning and evicting and bulldozing, nothing has been built on the land that was taken. Basically, an entire neighborhood was erased in vain. Meantime, all those vacant lots have become New London’s scarlet letter. Thirteen years of inertia is long enough. For the sake of all parties – the city, the state, and the residents who were displaced – it’s time to turn the page and write an epilogue with a far more redeeming outcome. ….   But before the city can expect to attract developers and investors with the wherewithal to transform the peninsula, the city must first shed…

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