Litigation Process Overview: How to File a Lawsuit

Whether it be personal injury or civil litigation, most people fear the unknown of the litigation process. The vast majority of people never have to see the inside of a courtroom or suffer through the indignity of being served.  However, when these things happen, it helps to understand what the steps are in the process. Baltimore civil litigation attorney Ken Gauvey is here to help you understand the steps of the litigation process. How to File a Lawsuit There are a few ways this process can be started.  One, and the simplest, is a demand letter.  This is a letter, most often from an attorney, that describes the claims alleged, and makes some form of financial demand as an opening offer in negotiations.  This demand is typically far outside the realm of sincerity, but it serves as the starting point for negotiations to avoid litigation, ie. lawsuits. Filing a Complaint The next step, or perhaps the first step in many cases, is the filing of a complaint…

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