Listen to Alan Dershowitz explain the New York accent and think about what people love/hate about Trump.

This great little documentary came out before the ascendency of Trump, but it made me think a lot about why some people get Trump and others don't: I've been meaning to show you that clip and invite you to think about the love and hate for Trump in terms of the New York speech pattern, and what put me over the top this morning was Bay Area Guy on the previous post (about Trump's new tweet, "they have stolen two years of my (our) Presidency"):Once you get to "decode" Trump's manner and style of speaking/writing (a brash New Yorker), you realize that he's basically right on most things.ADDED: One thing Dershowitz talks about in that clip is hand gestures, and we know Trump is big with the hand gestures:People who don't understand that believe he imitated (and mocked) a disabled man. Here, this shows it's a normal gesture for him, used to show confusion and not about disability:

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