Lindsay Lohan Loses Publicity Rights Case Over Grand Theft Auto–Lohan v. Take-Two

Lindsay Lohan is the new spokesperson for, and boy is she qualified to talk about that subject! Her litigiousness should have earned her a street JD. Sadly, though, her voluminous experience with the law hasn’t adequately sharpened her legal acumen, and she racked up another loss in her litigation oeuvre. This time, it’s her publicity rights claim against Grand Theft Auto V for the character “Lacey Jonas,” which Grand Theft Auto’s maker featured in some advertising. Two screenshots discussed by the court: If you’re curious, you can watch a video including a scene with “Jonas” from Grand Theft Auto V. I guess the video is mostly safe for work, but it has some cusswords and lots of sexism. The court first concludes that an animated computer depiction can constitute a “portrait” for purposes of NY’s publicity right statute. To me, this is like California’s publicity rights statute…

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