Let me once again recommend the Lexis Insurance Law Center

Look, Im not saying this just because Im on the advisory board, and Im not saying this just because I have this post up about legal blogging, and I am not saying this just because I am as amazed as anyone that a behemoth like LexisNexis is beginning to understand the interactive possibilities of free internet content.  I am saying it because the Lexis Insurance Law Center is turning into a very good product, a primary source for insurance news, opinion and perspective.  Theres some pretty good stuff there, and its getting better all the time.  Its going to take some convincing on my part to get folks to turn loose and "let their freak flag fly," as the comment to my ILC post says, but I am nothing if not relentless. 

UPDATE:  Thanks to Walter Olson at Point of Law for the link to my ILC post, and to Kevin OKeefe at Lexblog for the same. 



Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Insurance

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