LegalTech school: Keeping up with ABA TECHSHOW

ABA TECHSHOW came to town last week, and it was great catching up with old faces that I’ve never seen. I probably met 20 people that I’ve talked to forever but have never actually met in person. Some were just visiting and taking in an education panel or 10. Some were back with their own startups and companies, looking to make connections and find customers. Others have written for the blog or sent us contributions, and it was a perfect opportunity to thank them in person. We did get to meet a small contingent of law students as well. The crews from Chicago-Kent College of Law are very keyed into technology, and Chicago-Kent professor Dan Katz had a featured position as they keynote speaker. Michigan State University College of Law has plenty of Chicago ties as well–Katz ventured west from there in 2015. MSU grad Chase Hertel is now working at the ABA Center for Innovation. And Daniel W. Linna Jr. is moving from MSU’s LegalRnD innovation center…

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