Legal Theory Bookworm: "Oxford Handbook of Distributive Justice" edited by Olsaretti

The Legal Theory Bookworm recommends The Oxford Handbook of Distributive Justice, edited by Serena Olsaretti.  Here is a description: Distributive justice has come to the fore in political philosophy in recent decades: how should we arrange our social and economic institutions so as to distribute fairly the benefits and burdens of social cooperation? Thirty-eight leading figures from philosophy and political theory present specially written critical assessments of the state of research into a broad range of questions about distributive justice. The first seventeen chapters consider how to understand distributive justice and its importance in our world. The remaining fifteen chapters investigate questions about the implementation of distributive justice with regard to a range of aspects of society, including gender, race, the family, education, work, health, language, migration, and climate change. This Oxford Handbook will be a rich and authoritative resource for…

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