Legal Theory Bookworm: "Feminism, Postfeminism and Legal Theory," edited by Gozdecka & Macduff

The Legal Theory Bookworm recommends Feminism, Postfeminism and Legal Theory: Beyond the Gendered Subject?, edited by Dorota Gozdecka & Anne Macduff.  Here is a description: There is much debate about postfeminism, what it is, and its role in feminist politics. Whilst postfeminism has become increasingly influential in the study of literature, popular culture, and philosophy, it has so far received comparatively little attention in law. This book aims to remedy this situation. The book brings together feminist legal scholars working in different contexts to examine the idea of postfeminism and assess its contemporary relevance. It explores a range of questions including the following: Does postfeminism describe an age that follows modernism, an age where identity politics has realised its goals and feminism is no longer needed? Or does postfeminism describe the feminism of a postmodernist age where identity can mean anything at all? Or, differently…

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