Learning From Sandra Bullock's Divorce

An article was posted, May 4, 2011, on X17online.com regarding the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James divorce. The article contained an interview of Jesse James conducted by ABC News. The statements by Mr. James are interesting as they deviate from the initial statements of Mr. James, made immediately after the separation. This blog posted several articles as to the divorce and it is recalled how Mr. James expressed his sorrow regarding the separation and that he would enter rehab to address the issues raised. As a San Diego Certified Family Law Specialist lawyer I have found that the end of a marriage is often used by both parties to reflect on whether the marriage could have been saved and what conduct was responsible for the separation. However in the article mentioned above, Mr. James stated that possibly he wanted Ms. Bullock to catch him in his extra marital activities. He also stated that he has not seen the baby, since the separation, that Ms. Bullock (and presumably Mr. James) adopted during the marriage. And, the best quote from Mr. James–that he spent six years "worrying" about what Ms. Bullock thought and wanted; and that it was now time to "worry about Jesse". The article is interesting and compatible with what I have found: Namely, that people don't change unless they really want to change. Mr. James' statements suggested that he tried to be what Ms. Bullock wanted; however, he wasn't committed to changing. And, that he now fully embraces a lifestyle to which he identifies. He announces that he is now seeing a reality TV personality, Kat Von D, and her photo is posted with this article.

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