Lawyer’s Puffery as Best Personal Injury Lawyer Leads to Reprimand

Photo by on Pexels.comLawyers, like other professionals and business owners, need to get the word out to the public about their skills and expertise, and advertising in social media, print, TV, radio, and even billboards is not unusual. However, how far can a lawyer go to tout his qualifications and how circumscribed should a lawyer be in attracting clients? Is exaggeration commonplace, should it be allowed, and how does a potential client distinguish the truth from puffery? The Law Society of Ontario recently reprimanded an Ontario lawyer for what amounted to misleading advertising. In Law Society of Ontario v. Mazin 2019 ONLSTH 35 the tribunal considered the rules that govern advertising which provide that the marketing of legal services must be demonstrably true, accurate, and verifiable. Advertising that is misleading, confusing, or deceptive, not in the best interests of the public, or inconsistent with the high standards of professionalism expected of…

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