Lawyer Stress – 3 Strategies For Attorneys On Edge

Lawyer stress is felt by attorneys of all stripes including in-house counsel, law firm lawyers or those working in government. The statistics on lawyers well-being are not heartwarming, with depression prevalent and calls to mental health hotlines at all-time highs. Read on for some strategies from the Lucas Group on how to cope: “The agenda for the 2019 National Association for Law Placement (NALP) Annual Education Conference in San Diego offers nearly a dozen sessions centered around themes of managing stress, promoting mental health and maintaining work-life balance. Some days at the conference also begin with the opportunity to attend a wellness session, such as yoga, a barre class and a 5K fun run and walk. With the title of “Lighting the Way,” the conference’s emphasis on lawyer wellness in such a challenging industry is not surprising. For better or worse, the practice of law is generally accepted as a tough profession in which attorneys often…

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