Lawyer Participation on LinkedIn Skyrocketing

From Steve Matthews Stem Blog:

Stem has been conducting ongoing tracking of the “law practice industry” category on LinkedIn.  The chart below displays the number of profile pages indexed by Google on four different dates over the course of the last year. Those were:

  • April 2008: 118,000
  • June 2008: 216,000
  • December 2008: 406,000
  • March 2009: 563,000

Steve says, "The point, of course, is that the adoption rate is skyrocketing. It’s also important to recognize that each of these profile pages was created by, and actively managed by, the participant’s effort.  Not a massive updating process by firms to keep their records current in a directory – but based upon actual participation."

So if you are a lawyer and dont have a bio on LinkedIn, today is the day to create one.

Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Legal Marketing

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