Lawyer Moms of America taking a (lemonade) stand for immigrant families

Last month, Before the Bar wrote about ways law students can volunteer to help organizations immigrants at the southern border. The ABA is accepting donations for its immigration justice projects in San Diego and Texas. And ABA President Hilarie Bass visited the ProBAR project on the south Texas border and recently shared her experiences in a video. This weekend, you may see another group of people along the streets and sidewalks taking their own action as Lawyer Moms of America sponsors the Kids Take a Stand event on Saturday, July 28. Kids and families will take the time-honored tradition of lemonade stands and use them to raise awareness of the ongoing separation and detention of immigrant families and to raise funds for family reunification. The proceeds will benefit Project Corazon, a coalition of law firms and immigration law nonprofits led by the Lawyers for Good Government Foundation to provide legal…

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