Lawyer Like a Mother

We are getting ready for Mother’s Day Weekend and I am hoping to spend Sunday being waited on hand and foot by my girls and my husband … or at least getting out of doing the laundry. But I am also reflecting on my mom and on being a mom and thinking about all of the mommas who have impacted me both personally and as a lawyer. It feels like a cliché to say, “I would not be where I am today without my mom.” But sometimes phrases become cliché because they are universally true. I am not going to list all of the times my mom picked me up or pushed me forward or believed in me—there are too many. She forced me to go to college, encouraged me to go to law school and when the time came, to open my own law firm. When fear of failure held me back, she pushed and pushed with her relentless belief in both me and my idea of a different kind of law firm. She even came out of retirement to be the business manager at this firm, even though she is…

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