Lawyer Fingerprinting Turns Up 2,200 Convictions Unknown To Bar

Seek and ye shall find, as the saying goes. In California, lawyer fingerprinting has turned up a bevy of convictions not known to the bar and more testing remains to be done. If you are a disorganized lawyer and don’t manage your calendar, make sure you get yours done before California puts you into inactive status. “A California court rule requiring lawyers to be fingerprinted has turned up more than 6,000 criminal history reports, including more than 2,200 convictions previously unknown to the state bar. The 2,200 unknown convictions include 20 unreported felonies, Above the Law reports. The number of convictions likely will increase as more lawyers get fingerprinted ahead of an April 30 deadline. In its latest update, the State Bar of California said about one-third of the state’s active lawyers had yet to be fingerprinted.” Read: Lawyer fingerprinting in this state turns up over 2,200 convictions unknown to bar at ABA Journal – Daily News

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