Lawmakers, Environmentalists Criticize BPs Drilling Plans

Last week, BP announced its plans to begin full drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico for the first time after the Deepwater Horizon tragedy last year. Those plans have already been criticized by lawmakers and environmentalists. According to lawmakers and environment groups, BP has not given any indication that it appreciates the significance of its role in the disaster last year and will take steps to prevent another tragedy. Some environmentalist are so incensed at BPs decision to begin drilling again that they are considering litigation to force the company to give up any drilling plans. Several investigations since the tragedy have concluded that BP, for the most part, was to blame for the tragedy. Earlier this month, an investigation by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement also laid most of the blame for the tragedy on BP, although the agency also mentioned Halliburton and Transocean. Lawmakers have also criticized BPs drilling plans, since it comes just a few days after the federal agency announced that the company had been to blame for the disaster. In July, BP said that it would soon implement higher safety standards on its drilling operations, including safer blowout preventers. However, it's clear that lawmakers and environment groups are not appeased by the company's promises. There is no reason to believe that the company will do a better job of maintaining safety on its rigs with its record in the past. Brian Beckcom is a maritime lawyer, who represents crewmembers injured in cruise ship, towboat, cargo vessel, tanker and container ship accidents across the globe. If you have been injured on a vessel, contact the maritime lawyers at Vujasinovic and Beckcom for a free evaluation of your case. You can also download a copy of this report: The Insider's Guide to Winning Your Maritime Injury Case.

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