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Lawdiva was selected by Postmedia Network (the largest Canadian publisher of English language newspapers) to contribute to their election coverage in their goal to discover what issues are important to Canadians. My first story covered three new criminal laws brought in by the Conservative government prior to the election announcement. See my April 4 post "Fighting Crime in Canada". What do other Canadian's think about tougher laws? A few comments from readers of "The New Agenda" on my article: "Wow! Finally someone wearing a legal robe that thinks like I do. Where has this woman been for the past twenty years." "Tough on crime my be the flavour of the year. That doesn't make it good policy. A lawyer of all people should understand." "A breeze of fresh air. Finally someone on the ball." "If people are looking for tough on crime when crime is decreasing then either the public is out of touch and needs to wake up or someone is shilling the system for personal gain." "Methinks it's time for Georgialee Lang to pursue a career in government. Come on Canada. Look at this women's career! Passion, heart, experience, truth and knowledge. Haven't seen that in government for a while." I am grateful to Postmedia for allowing me to reach a larger audience. Watch for my next Featured Commentary where I discuss how Canada's family laws are destroying families. Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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