Law Firms To Target ER Patient Cellphones

If you are annoyed when you visit a website and see ads for products you were checking out earlier on another, well, you are about to get much more annoyed. Apparently law firms are exploring technology that will permit them to target ER patient cellphones. Just when you thought the legal profession was steering itself towards the use of technology to increase efficiency and innovation……. “Some personal injury law firms plan to use a technology called “geofencing” to send ads to cellphones of patients in emergency rooms, pain clinics and chiropractor offices. The Philadelphia-area firms hired a company called Tell All Digital to target patients using geofencing, NPR reports. The technology identifies people using cellphones within a certain location and then targets them with ads. Law firms in California and Tennessee are also testing the technology.” Read: Law firms hire company to send ads to ER patients’ cellphones; is it a HIPAA…

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