Law firm blog publishing practices hurting lawyers and the law

As a result of poor publishing practices, law firms are inadvertently hurting lawyers and the law. The influence of their lawyers is at risk, if not diminished and the advancement of the law is curtailed. How so? Through a combination of sloppy digital publishing practices and not recognizing the role law blogs and their blogging lawyers play in both the advancement of the law and the administration of justice itself. Law blogs have achieved the status of secondary law, sitting equal to or even ahead of law reviews and law journals. Blogs have democratized legal publishing. Practicing lawyers, usually with niche expertise, who never published in law reviews and journals are regularly sharing their insight in blogs. Areas of law never covered before are being covered by lawyers with deep expertise obtained by practicing law. Blogs are routinely being cited  – by blogs, in social media, in law review and law journal articles, in briefs and memorandums and by courts at…

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