Landscape Businesses Suffering Due to U.S. Visa Policies

For many years, American landscape companies have relied on H-2B visas to bring foreign seasonal, non-agricultural workers to assist them during their busiest seasons of the year. Landscape company owners are reporting an inability to get requested H-2B visas for foreign workers this year, which has resulted in permanent staff working longer hours, contracts not being fulfilled in a timely manner, lost profits, and more customer complaints. Companies are required to try to find American workers to fill positions before they can apply for H-2B visas. However, these companies indicate that the demand for foreign workers has increased, simply because fewer Americans are out of work and willing to accept seasonal positions in the landscaping industry.   Landscape Businesses Suffering Due to U.S. Visa Policies The federal government has 66,000 slots for H-2B visa workers each year, which are issued on a semi-annual basis. When the process began for the second half of federal…

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