Landlord Law Blog Roundup from 4th June

Ben and I have been writing for years about the police failing to help tenants being illegally evicted by their landlords.  There was even a case, Naughton v. Whittle and Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police in 2009, where the police were sued (and settled to avoid it going to trial). There have been a number of other posts the most recent here. But at long last, I have seen a post, here, in the Guardian, reporting on the issues, almost as if it is something new!  Let’s hope that this means the problem is now being taken seriously. If the Guardian make an issue of it, perhaps the police will get some proper training! But enough of this. What happened on the blog last week? Monday Can tenants sue a landlord who fails to give them a How to Rent Booklet? A question asked by a landlord via my Blog Clinic this week Tuesday Considering the new HMO Regulations 2018 Ben Reeve Lewis looks at the new HMO rules Wednesday Where does law come from and where does…

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