Landlord Law Blog Roundup from 29th April

Our Conference is not far off now so I have been doing quite a lot of preparation work recently. One thing we needed to do was renew our pop up banners as we have recently re-branded and have a new logo.  Happily, I managed to find a firm which was able to recycle them and we had them back the other day, exactly the same but with new graphics. This coming week we need to finalise the Conference Handbook and get it printed.  We have in all the notes but three – so I will have to chase them up. If you are thinking of coming along to the Conference we still have a few places – see here. But what happened on the blog last week? Monday The End of Section 21 – The Evil Rule I look at section 21 from the tenant’s point of view Tuesday Could this rent paid in advance be a deposit which needs protecting? This was a question asked in my Blog Clinic this week Wednesday The Landlord Law Conference Talks – Enforcement work in the PRS #lllconf Our…

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