Landlord Law Blog Roundup from 25th March

Its been a bit of a week.  Along with everyone else in the country, I am stunned by the collective incompetence of our politicians.  I hope all this is not impacting adversely on YOUR business. We had a great workshop on HMO law and practice from David Smith on Wednesday.  As usual, it was recorded and I will be looking to use some of the recording on Landlord Law in a few weeks time. So watch out for that.  As one of the delegates said to me “It’s scary!”. And I am looking forward to attending the ARLA Propertymark Conference on Tuesday. But what happened on the blog last week? Monday Who is responsible under a tenancy if some of the tenants leave? A question from my Blog Clinic this week Tuesday Why modern housing laws aren’t working Regular contributor to our Blog, Ben Reeve Lewis writes about the reality of working in our modern housing laws Wednesday The Landlord Law Conference Talks – Property repair and fitness…

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