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When it all comes together . . .In re Bourbeau Custom Homes, Inc., 2017 VT 51By Eric FanningIn Vermont, unemployment benefits are funded through a system of payroll taxes. Our state’s Unemployment Compensation law requires employers to pay taxes on wages paid to their employees. Following an audit conducted by the Department of Labor, Bourbeau Custom Homes, Inc. was assessed just over $7,000 for unpaid unemployment taxes on wages paid to nine people, five of whom are at issue here. Bourbeau says that these people aren’t “employees” within the definition of the law, and so the company should not have been liable for said taxes. In many situations, this isn’t a hard issue to resolve. If you’re a Regular Joe with a 9-to-5 job, of course you’re considered an employee of Company X. Company X has to pay taxes on Regular Joe’s wages—which go to the Unemployment Compensation Fund. But alas, it is rarely the “easy”…

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