Klass on Freed Rider Arguments in Energy Policy

Alexandra B. Klass (University of Minnesota Law School) has posted Regulating the Energy "Free Riders" (Boston University Law Review, Forthcoming) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: This Article explores “free rider” arguments in energy policy. It focuses on the use of free rider arguments in three types of contemporary public utility regulatory proceedings—ratepayer funded energy efficiency programs, utility compensation for customer-generated rooftop solar energy, and utility investments in electric vehicle (“EV”) charging infrastructure. It shows how the term “free rider” is used quite differently in each type of proceeding—as a helpful metric to determine program cost-effectiveness in the energy efficiency context, as a pejorative term synonymous with unfair cross subsidies in the rooftop solar context, and for both purposes in EV charging infrastructure proceedings. This Article claims that in evaluating free…

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