[Keith E. Whittington] First Impressions on the Mueller Investigation

The attorney general has released his summary of the report. Let the games begin.Attorney General William Barr has now released his letter to Congress summarizing the contents of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report. Most of the report should be released publicly in due time, but presumably Barr has accurately sketched out its main features. Although the special counsel's office was unusually resistant to leaks, it would appear that the main contours of the investigation and its findings have already found their way into the public record. There are no sealed or pending indictments. There are no new bombshells demonstrating collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian agents. There probably are no new revelations about the ways in which the president hampered the investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 election. We know most of what there is to know, and the appropriate political judgments have already been made. it seems unlikely that the release…

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