Keep Your Hands To Yourself

It's all connected in some wayState v. Discola, 2018 VT 7 By Elizabeth KruskaHere are the basic facts. Mr. Discola was charged with multiple counts of lewd and lascivious conduct. The State alleged that during the Burlington Marathon in 2015, Mr. Discola, in apparently a few different locations along the marathon route, touched three female spectators on their respective rear ends. A runner in the relay saw one of the touching episodes and also took a photo. A police officer saw this fellow sort of hanging around a group of girls and became suspicious based on this man’s behavior. He asked Mr. Discola what he was doing and Mr. Discola said he was meeting a friend for burritos. I suppose this makes sense where “meeting a friend for burritos” is code for “touching women inappropriately during the Burlington Marathon.” The police officer, apparently not entirely convinced, took a photo of Mr. Discola. You know, just in case it turned out…

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