Katrina round-up

Residents of the Mississippi Coast to see further jump in premiums.

Nationwide agrees to readjust 500 Mississippi slab claims. 

Louisiana legislator decries "corporate welfare" approach to getting insurance companies to take  business of the hands of the state-run insurer. 

More Louisiana homeowners premiums to rise.

Louisiana will allow use of controversial hurricane-risk model in setting insurance premiums. (The story is by Rebecca Mowbray of the Times-Picayune, who judging by the long and excellent Katrina stories she writes, obviously has been eating her Wheaties).   

U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi has 669 Katrina cases pending. 

A very good story from Lavonne Kuykendall of Dow Jones Newswires: in the wake of the verdict in Weiss v. Allstate, the insurer says it wont change the way it adjusts claims. 

Mississippi lawyer makes public records request for copy of agreement between State Farm and Insurance Commissioner Dale.


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