Justice in Facing Governmental Immunity

Sovereign immunity is not a common term most people come across. However, everyone should know what this means and how it could apply to them. Simply put, sovereign immunity means that the state, and their agencies, are protected from negligence lawsuits and injury claims. You might have the feeling that this immunity allows the government to escape from their liability and negligence. That feeling of yours is validated because there have been numerous cases where victims sued the government but only ended up having a lost case or compensation that can barely cover the damages. That is why in dealing with injuries caused by the government, you should hire a lawyer that specializes in this. Here in Florida, the state has waived absolute sovereign immunity via Florida Statute 768.28. It has been replaced with a system that employs modified sovereign immunity meaning a claim may be brought against the State with certain exceptions and exclusions. Below is a list outlining how…

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