Just cause for termination but grievant denied due process – Arbitrator awards back pay but no reinstatement

Grievant was employed as a corrections officer with the Trumball County Ohio Sheriff's Office. On August 24, 2017 an incident in the jail led to an investigation by the Sheriff's Office. Grievant (and several other officer) were involved in the movement of an inmate who was returning to the jail from treatment following a suicide attempt. During the course of the transfer, the inmate became belligerent and was dragged and carried to his cell. An investigation of this incident ensued during which grievant was interviewed and his incident report was reviewed. Other officers were also interviewed and one of the other officers interviewed stated that grievant had struck the prisoner with his knee in the ribs/kidney and then struck him three times in the same area with a closed fist. These events were not included in grievant's Incident Report. After further investigation grievant was again interviewed. He then acknowledged for the first that he had administered two…

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