Judicial review of student disciplinary action taken by a private college or university is limited to whether the institution substantially complied with its own rules

A New York Supreme Court denied a petition filed by a student [Student] attending a private institution of higher education [Institution]. Student had asked the court to annul the Institution's decision affirming a hearing committee's suspending the Student for one semester based on its finding that Student had engaged in academic dishonesty — forging an examination booklet. Student appealed the Supreme Court's decision, arguing that the disciplinary action taken by the Institution violated his right to "due process."*The Appellate Division commenced its review of Student's appeal by observing that Student's "due process" challenge was misplaced. Citing Cavanagh v Cathedral Preparatory Seminary, 284 AD2d 360, among other decisions, the court explained that a student at a private university is not afforded the "full panoply" of due process rights that might be available to a student at a public institution of higher…

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