Judge Refuses GlaxoSmithKline Motion for New Paxil Suicide Trial

Share This Item Chicago, Illinois — A federal judge has entered judgment against GlaxoSmithKline (“GSK”) affirming the April 20, 2017 jury verdict in favor of Wendy Dolin who alleged her husband’s 2010 suicide was the result of side effects he suffered while taking generic Paxil (paroxetine). Following the jury’s $3,000,000 verdict in Dolin’s favor (rendered after a lengthy five-week trial), GSK moved the court to set aside the jury’s verdict because, according to GSK, “a reasonable jury would not have a legally sufficient basis to find for [Wendy Dolin]” or, in the alternative, the verdict was against the clear weight of the evidence and was unfair to GSK. A Suicide Leaves Grief and Tough Questions About an Antidepressant – #Paxil #SSRI #akathisia #suicide https://t.co/bGJOcnBrMe — Baum Hedlund Law (@baumhedlund) September 11, 2017 Judge Hart: $3 Million Verdict Against GSK Stands Judge William…

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