John McCain’s Final Letter to America

The Atlantic – John McCain’s Final Letter to America – this missive addresses our country, and our people, collectively and individually – who we are, what and whom we have lost, sacrificed, and are in danger of destroying, as well as the roots of compassion, grace, strength, courage, hope and commitment we are all called upon each and every day to draw forth from the wellspring of what brings us together and urges us forward to attain – peace, justice, freedom. On Monday morning in Arizona, Senator John McCain’s former campaign manager Rick Davis, acting as a spokesperson for the McCain family, read aloud the text of the late senator’s final letter to the public. “These are John’s words,” he said. What follows is a transcription of what Davis read: “My fellow Americans, whom I have gratefully served for 60 years, and especially my fellow Arizonians, thank you for the privilege of serving you, and for the…

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