I’ve Received a Debt Collection Notice – Now What?

You may have received a debt collection notice from a creditor, bank, debt collection agency, hospital, or school if you’ve been unable to pay what you owe on time. While these notices can be intimidating, there are certain protocols these institutions must follow in order to respect your rights.  And if they don’t, then Walker & Walker may be able to win a settlement for you or get the debt forgiven. I’ve Received a Debt Collection Notice – Now What? First and foremost – don’t panic! There may be a chance that the financial institution actually owes you money. However, every situation is unique. Google and internet forums may offer insight and temporarily put your mind at ease, but it is in your best interest to contact a trained professional to avoid lawsuits and even time in prison. You Need a Lawyer After the initial wave of panic has settled, it’s time to lawyer up. Not only could the financial institution owe…

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