It’s Time to Generate Those 2018 1099s

It’s time for businesses to send out their annual information returns. These are the Form 1099s that are sent to to vendors when required. Let’s look first at who does not have to receive 1099s: Corporations (except attorneys) Entities you purchased tangible goods from Entities you purchased less than $600 from (except royalties; the limit there is $10) Where you would normally have to send a 1099 but you made payment by a credit or debit card Otherwise, you need to send a Form 1099-MISC to the vendor. The best way to check whether or not you need to send a 1099 to a vendor is to know this before you pay a vendor’s invoice. I tell my clients that they should have each vendor complete a Form W-9 before they pay the vendor. You can then enter the vendor’s taxpayer identification number into your accounting software (along with whether or not the vendor is exempt from 1099 reporting) on an ongoing basis. Remember that besides the 1099 sent to the vendor, a…

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