It's Nice to be Nice

The Canadian Trademarks Act has undergone the most dramatic change in recent history. Canada had not been consistent with some of the international treaties governing trademark practice. The goal was to make Canadian trademarks practice more consistent with those practices in other countries. Changes include adopting a class system to group use descriptions, a class based fee structure, dropping use requirements from the application process, and new types of trademarks. Some of these changes will make things easier, some will make it more difficult and costly.This is one of a series of posts about changes to trademarks coming on June 17, 2019. Our first post talked about new types of trademarks and last week we dug into the new requirements to prove distinctiveness for your mark. Change #3: The class systemCanada has adopted the Nice (pronounced “niece”) class system used by most other countries. The goods and services covered by a trademark have always been listed…

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