“IT’S A TRAP!”: EB-6, Parole for International Entrepreneurs

  Our office has gotten some calls about the “EB-6” visa that was announced last year and has been implemented at the start of 2018.  I put “EB-6” in quotes, because that’s not the official designation and it’s not permanent residence visa (i.e., green card). The official designation is the International Entrepreneur Rule.  Essentially, if an entrepreneur qualifies, he or she qualifies for “parole” which is to grant a period of authorized stay.  The period of authorized stay allows you to stay in the United States but it is not green card or even a nonimmigrant visa. The details of the International Entrepreneur Rule (the putative EB-6) can be accessed below: Short Version Long Version Essentially, one can apply as an entrepreneur by fulfilling the following requirements: The applicant possesses a substantial ownership interest in a start-up entity created within the past five years in the United…

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