Italy Enhances Special Tax Regime For Foreign High Skilled People and Entrepreneurs

In 2015, Italy enacted a special tax regime for high skilled workers who move to Italy to work there for an Italian employer, on assignment to an Italian affiliate of a foreign multinational, or on their own as independent consultants and service providers. Eligible taxpayers (who include Italian citizens, and foreign nationals who are citizens of a country with a tax or exchange of information treaty with Italy) must not have been Italian tax residents at any time during the five years prior to their relocation to Italy, must establish and maintain their tax residence in Italy for at least two years, must own a higher degree or perform managerial or high skill functions, and must work primarily (that is, more than 183 days) in Italy. The 50 percent taxable income deduction is limited to a period of five years and does to apply to other income, not arising from employment or performance personal services. We reported previously about the special tax regime for foreign high…

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