ISS Releases List of Top 25 Canadian Securities Class Action Settlements

Readers undoubtedly are familiar with ISS Securities Class Action Services’ annual report on the Top 100 Securities Class Action Settlements, focusing on the largest U.S. securities lawsuit settlements. The most recent Top 100 report is discussed here. ISS Securities Class Action Services has now published a list of the largest Canadian securities class action lawsuit settlements. The Canadian report, which is entitled “The Top 25 Canadian Class Action Settlements of All-Time,” reflects a number of interesting findings, and can be found here.   The report is based on a database of 172 Canadian securities class action lawsuits filed since 1997. Of the 172 cases, 91 have settled, 60 are pending, and 21 have been dismissed. From the 91 settlements, the report’s authors have culled the 25 largest. All of the settlement amounts are reported in Canadian dollars. The report is as of May 31, 2018.   As might be expected, the dollar value of the…

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