Is Your Firm Properly Prepared for a Software Change?

If your law firm is new to leveraging technology, or if you’ve become accustomed to working with a certain type of software, it can be difficult to make a change even when doing so is necessary. If you’re feeling stuck and unable to move forward with updating how your law firm uses technology, this guide will help you with the process. But make no mistake, remaining up-to-date with technology is no longer optional, it is a requirement. Review the tips below — selected from Smokeball’s “Guide to Implementing or Changing Legal Software” — and get off to a good start by reading about preparing for a change! How to Prepare for a Software Change Preparing for a software change is pivotal to ensuring that the process goes smoothly with as few problems as possible. Here are some key steps you should take: Meet with your staff to discuss goals for the software change. It’s important that you do two things in this meeting: 1) clarify what…

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