Is Your Child Support Order Really Subject to Change?

You suffered through the divorce process. No doubt you’re happy to have it behind you. It’s no wonder you are upset when you learn your former spouse has filed paperwork with the courts. As you read through the documentation, you discover you’re being brought back to court for a modification of the final divorce decree. Is your child support order really subject to change? In the back of your mind, you are fuming. You just want to go on with your life. However, when you have children with someone else, your ties continue to some extent. Money becomes only one of the issues. Either the custodial parent or noncustodial parent can apply to the court for modification of a child support order. Under Tennessee law, specifically, TN Code § 36-5-101, you need to prove a substantial and material change in material circumstances in order to make an application. Here are some examples of what the court might consider in lowering or raising child support obligations:…

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