Is Successful “Bird Nesting” Possible in Real Life?

Divorce takes a toll on an entire family, which is why many divorcing parents go to great lengths to protect their children’s well-being. A new TV comedy is illustrating one possible solution to minimize the emotional impact – but is this living situation a possibility for real families? Splitting Up Together “Splitting Up Together,” starring Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson, illustrates a concept called bird nesting. The term refers to a scenario in which divorced parents keep one home for their children and take turns living there. As you can imagine, there are some big advantages and disadvantages to this setup, which a CNBC article breaks down. Here’s the scoop: Pros of bird nesting: Parents can let the home’s lease expire or let its value increase. There is less immediate upheaval for the children. The ex-spouses can take extra time to disentangle them from married life. Cons of bird nesting: Complications can arise if the…

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