Is Apple iPhone Billboard Advertising Xs-ive?

As I mentioned last week, Apple’s present iPhone Xs billboard advertising campaign is ubiquitous at the moment, especially this image, totally flooding the Minneapolis skyway system, and beyond: Putting aside whether the unique lighting and reflective nature of the indoor billboards do justice to the art of the iPhone Xs ad, I’m also questioning whether the Xs repetition might be, excessive? See what I mean? Above and especially below, with stretches of hundreds of feet — in the frozen tundra of our Minneapolis skyway,  nothing in sight, but the same, glaring and reflective Xs ad: A few questions come to mind. Repetition in branding, yes it’s important, but are there no limits? In other words, we know Apple can afford to dominate our skyway billboard space, but should it? And, if so, with what? Apple’s user-generated content campaign was welcome, brilliant and unique. But, what is the end goal…

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